Personal Color Analysis

Essential Colors™
Five Element Color Analysis: Water ­ Wood ­ Fire ­ Earth ­ Metal

$175 or $199 with custom body colors added. See description of Body Colors service.

While any valid color system must adhere to the basic science of color analysis to find an individual’s ideal color palette, there are many labels attached to specific color types. The most commonly known system makes a connection between the palettes and the four seasons of the year.

Instead of using seasonal references, our unique color analysis system relates personal color harmonies to nature’s elements. While Autumn may look red, orange and gold in some parts of the world it looks quite different in other parts of the world. Nature’s elements are universal.

Each of the 16 Essential Colors palettes is an expression of the essence of one or more of nature’s elements. One of these palettes has a color plan that will flatter you. But what’s more… has an energy that will look and feel authentic on you. This consultation is highly recommended for anyone who has been color analyzed in the past with disappointing or confusing results.

Consultations last approx. 1 1/2 hours and include a beautiful fabric swatch book of your color harmony. Makeup will be applied and discussed in the final stage of your appointment unless you choose to omit this step.

Personal Body Colors
Hair Skin Eyes Blush

$75. See description of For Your Consultation service for more options.

Custom picked personal body colors give you four paddles of individually selected colors representing your own body coloring. Those wearing the same wardrobe harmony often have varying body coloring. Hair color makes an ideal neutral for the wardrobe. Some eye colors make mesmerizing accent and jewelry colors while others provide another basic wardrobe neutral color family. Skin tones are a wonderful guide for choosing foundations, powders and concealers not to mention underpinnings that will disappear under clothing. Finally, your “blush” tone is a variation of red that sits beautifully on your skin and acts as a foolproof guide for lipsticks, blushers and nail colors that will always look natural on you.

Personal Body Colors are typically an optional addition to an Essential Colors™ palette but is also offered separately. The Body Colors consultation lasts approximately 1/2 hr.

Custom Color Analysis

The Ultimate Personalized Color Palette


Every color in this individually selected palette is hand picked specifically for you from 2000 colors. The custom palette allows greater refinement and produces a harmony (wardrobe/makeup color plan) that is unique to you and only you….as a custom made dress would be compared to a ready-to-wear garment off the rack.

Your palette will have approximately 30% more color swatches than a pre-set palette and will include your personal body colors (see Body Color palette description at left).
Because of the custom nature of this palette, you will need to wait 7-10 days to receive your color swatches after they’ve been assembled into a beautiful color fan to help you shop for clothing and makeup colors ideally suited to your unique coloring.

I will be happy to assign the most appropriate elemental or seasonal label to it if this helps you understand where you fit into those systems.

Makeup will be applied and discussed in the final stage of your appointment unless you choose to omit this step.

As with any color palette, you should re-visit your colors in 5-7 years or sooner if there are significant changes in your coloring. It is not uncommon to need to ‘tweak’ your palette to be perfect for you in later phases of your life.

Consultation lasts approx. 2 1/2 hrs.See instructions FOR YOUR CONSULTATION at left


  • Come wearing little or preferably no makeup.
  • Wear a neutral colored top that shows skin at the neck (no turtlenecks).
  • Bring the makeup colors you currently wear.
  • Be sure you have not used an artificial tanning product on your face.
  • Bring the makeup you currently wear for assessment.
  • If you have changed your hair color, bring a photo showing you in your natural hair color.

Payment options: cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal