How long is a personal Color Consultation appointment?
It varies. An Essential Colors™ consultation without Body Colors is a minimum of 1 1/4 hours. With Body Colors 1 1/2 hours. A custom palette can take between 2 and 3 hours.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes. You are welcome to bring one friend to watch. The studio space is small.

How should I dress for my appointment?
Avoid wearing color near your face. Wear a neutral top that reveals some of your neck area. Tank tops are great. Wear no makeup or be prepared to remove it here. Be comfortably dressed.

What should I bring?
The following items are optional:

  • A photo of you in your original/natural hair color
  • The makeup colors that you currently wear
  • A color that people compliment you the most in

What is the process of a color consultation?
We’ll begin with an interview about your coloring; your personal ‘essence’ and your desired outcome. This is followed by a color draping and testing to determine your most complimentary color intensity level, value range, and temperature. This will lead us to your personal harmony – a range of colors having a synergistic relationship with your unique natural coloring and essence. Related makeup colors will be applied and you will be given a set of fabric shopping swatches to help you build a wardrobe that shows you in the most authentic and flattering light.

Will I be given my color swatches to take away with me?
If you have an Essential Colors™ analysis you will. Any added Body Colors are custom and will be sent to you. Custom Palettes are made exclusively for you and arrive at your address in 10-14 days.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, personal check, PayPal, or major credit card.

How long will my colors compliment my natural coloring?
Usually at least 10 years. Often longer than that. Changes in hair color may require a revision to your palette. This could mean the addition or removal of some colors.

What if I have changed my hair color from its natural color already?
I will take that into consideration when selecting your palette and likely cover your hair for the analysis phase. I will also suggest more complimentary hair colors if the one you have is having a negative impact on the color and clarity of your skin.

What is different about your way of doing color analysis?
I offer a pre-set palette system with 16 possible color harmonies and the option to add custom body colors (hair, skin, and eye colors) to that palette. I also offer a more extended custom palette for a larger and more finely tuned palette chosen color-by-color for you alone.

What are your qualifications?
I have over 30 years experience as a professional color consultant and trainer. I created the Essential Colors™ concept to align with the energy of nature’s 5 elements which are universal instead of a seasonal assignment which is more simplistic and is not as easily understood by those who live in the various climates and regions of the world.

What if I don’t like my palette?
While it is highly unlikely that you will not love your palette, you can request and will receive a reassessment at no charge.

Can I have you do a color analysis on a group of my friends?
A thorough and accurate color analysis is best done under controlled lighting in my studio. It is also a very personalized experience that takes time and concentration. For this reason I do not offer group color analysis. I can do an informative and entertaining presentation about the affects of color on personal appearance. Ask for details and fee.

I don’t live anywhere near you. How can I work with you?
I have trained others in my Essential Colors™ system both in the USA and overseas and may have someone closer to you that you could visit. Email me and tell me where you live. Optionally, while I cannot do a virtual color analysis because of the shortcomings of computer screen color rendition inaccuracies, I can provide guidance on clothing proportions, flattering your body silhouette, and general color recommendations. See below.

What other image related services do you offer?
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. I offer Wardrobe Assessments in your home (within 25 miles); in my studio; or virtually by way of SKYPE or FACE TIME. Call for details.  978-358-8111