Choosing Lipsticks Using Your Color Palette

Reading the online posts of many color analysis fans I see a lot of discussion about choosing lipsticks. Those who share a similar color palette will also share the names and brands of lipsticks they have tried and found to be flattering on themselves and others of the same color type eagerly run out to buy and try these recommended colors expecting them to be equally flattering on them. And they might very well be. But not all women of the same color type will  not automatically look their best in the same colors.

A women with thin or small lips may want to avoid the darker range of her acceptable “reds” because darker colors will visually make the lips look smaller. Women with very full lips may want to avoid wearing the brighest versions of their reds or lipsticks with high gloss or frost because  these qualities visually exaggerate the size of lips. Now I will admit that since Angelina Jolie hit the big screen and made big lips popular …..the illusion of fuller lips may for some be a very desirable affect. Certainly for mature women this can be a good thing since lips do tend to appear to “shrink” with age because of changes in the teeth structure and how they support the lips from behind. Sorry. But I prefer to be honest with my readers. These changes in the teeth are also one of the reasons we start to form lip lines. That and cigarette smoking and whistling believe it or not.

Slight frost and pearl in a lipstick will visually make lips appear fuller to a more subtle degree.

Then there is the matter of personal style. Feminine or Romantic types will often feel most authentic when their lip color has a pearly or frosted formula. Dramatics and Theatrical types will often gravitate to bold or dark lip colors. Flamboyant types and Sexy types may feel most attractive when they wear bright lipcolor or gloss that looks like a layer of Vaseline. Natural or sporty types will often feel most comfortable in ‘nude’ colors, sheer formulas, lip tints, and cremes. Elegant types avoid frost, high gloss, very light or very dark colors and tend to stay in the middle values in creme formulas.

But here’s something else I am seeing a lot on the internet. Women  post pictures of the red swatches on their color palettes with lipsticks they found exactly matching the swatches right next to them. A red color that will look good in a sweater or scarf may be much to strong, dark, or bright when worn as a lipstick.

A color palette that represents a particular color harmony or type is easily used for selecting clothing and accessories. It gets a bit more challenging when using that same palette to choose makeup. Particularly when the palette is one containing vivid colors. You can use the reds as “a guide” to choosing more subtle versions of the same tone as lip colors. This same principle applies in spades for matching eyeshadows to color palettes. And we don’t necessarily benefit from matching our eye color to eye shadows either.

A consultant who offers customized  personal color analysis can select separate red swatches earmarked as ideal colors for lip and blush colors. Some offer mini palettes of just body colors. These include the makeup reds; skin tones; hair colors; and eye colors. These palettes, when added to a seasonal (or other system) palette can truly customize the palette and give a woman a greater range of helpful swatches for enchancing their own unique coloring.

A key thing to remember is that if the lipstick, lips, or lip color are the first thing people notice when they look at you……it’s not perfect. It’s either too bright, too dark, or too light. Look at the pictures you have of yourself , or better still show the picture to a friend and ask them “what’s the first single think your notice about my face in this picture”.  If they say your lips…..reaccess your lipsticks. If they say it’s your eyes…………….BINGO. You have the focus where it should be. Now that’s your eyes. Not your eye makeup or your eye shadow. YOUR EYES.

In my next post, I will talk about body color palettes and how to use them.

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