Tracking Your Hair Color

I would venture a guess that many more women color their hair than do not.  Even young girls color their hair for no reason other than to look different. Many women have told me they don’t really remember what their natural hair color is. I asked them to bring me photos of how they looked before they started coloring their hair, but the truth is, if they started coloring their hair at 25 and they are 50 years old now, the quality and color accuracy of a 25 year old color photo may not be a dependable record.

Some women tweak their hair color in different directions on a regular basis. Trying a redder shade one month, maybe a lighter shade the next, and so on and so on. So it’s hard to lose track of the color you loved so much back in May of last year that suddenly got a bit darker from a build up of color…..or because it was left on the head 3 or 4 minutes longer than when it was applied in May.

I propose the following suggestion. When your hair is cut, scoop up a clump long enough to tape to a large index card or piece of white paper and write the date under it. If you go to a salon for color they may not tell you the “formula” they used for that color but if you go back to them 6 months or a year later and say “this is a swatch of the color you did for me last May and I liked it best”…………..they will have a record of what they used.

Now if you color your own hair you will have to be the record keeper. What brand and color did  you use to produce the color in the snip you taped to your record card?  How long did you leave it on? What was your hair looking like before you colored it?  Was it sunbleached out? A different shade altogether? The more information you have, the better your chances of achieving that same color again. The one that somehow seemed perfectly “right” and at home on your head and next to your skin. The one that made you look in the mirror and say “Yeah that’s me at my best”.

Even if you produced the color yourself from an at-home color product you can still show it to a good colorist and she should know what she needs to do to arrive at that color with her product line.

With digital photography the more commonly used format today, you can take a picture of your hair color after ever hair color session and create a folder or album on your computer called MY HAIR COLOR. If your storage program does not allow for lengthy notes about a certain photo, you can create a separate document with notes about the hair color shown for each date.

This may sound like too much effort but it gives you a much better chance of :

1) Seeing yourself in side by side comparisons of how you look in different…..even if only slightly different……hair colors and discerning where your sweet spot is and…………

2) Having a visual aid in communicating to a hair dresser what color you DO like on your head and what colors you definately DON’T like on your head.

On a completely different topic……Google’s blogger has changed dramatically and no longer offers me a way to post pictures or format my text. For that reason I will be looking for a new place to create my blog. If anyone has any suggestions for a good no-cost blog program, please let me know at  Thanks.

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