Silver or Gold – Your Best Metal Tones

When color analysis was a relatively new concept, people would be told to wear either gold or silver  depending on their skin tone. It was simple. If you were thought to have cool skin you wore Silver. It’s sad to think of all the women who were told they shouldn’t wear gold and went home and either gave or threw away all their gold jewelry. I knew women who went to the extreme of having their gold wedding bands dipped in white gold so they would be silver colored. Many of them did go to this extreme.
The amount of metal color one sees in a ring for example, has very little presence in one’s appearance. It’s a tiny band of metal a long way away from the face. It should be of little concern.

The amount of metal in a watchband, necklace or pair of earrings could be significantly more impactful. Especially the pieces worn near the face. A little gold or silver ball stud earring. No big deal. A nickle sized button earring……now we need to pay attention to what kind of metal color it has. A thin metal neck chain… problem. A large “statement” metal necklace should be chosen in metal tones that compliment your skin.

Then  there is the matter of blanket statements like wear only gold or wear only silver or white metals. Like the old seasonal color system itself, this is a very general dictate. Early seasonal palettes would have a swatch or recommendation for one or the other and that was it. Professional color analysts today would provide more specific recommendations regarding metals to compliment your coloring.

For example today we know that some people can wear both gold AND silver. Some should avoid metals that have a highly reflective surface. Some do better in matte finishes like those in brushed, hammered, or satin finished metals that reduce the brightness of them. You might look wonderful an antiqued metal finishes with a blackened look. If you look great in silver or “white” metals, you may also be someone who will also look good in gold metals provided they are “cool” golds. If you are looking to purchase real gold, the higher the carat the warmer the gold. 24K gold, seen more in Eastern European countries is very warm and faux gold or gold blends can range from very warm to quite cool depending on the other metals present in the mix.

If you learn that your skin is enhanced more by silver than gold and you have a drawer full of gold jewelry, try mixing pieces of silver and gold together. A gold engagement band with a beautiful white diamond is a perfect mix of warm and cool and fine on anyone. And remember that silver is a general term for white to gray toned metals. It includes white gold, platinum, stainless, titanium, and rhodium.  Golds can also run to bronze and rose gold. There is some good information on precious and semi precious metals used in fine jewelry
at this link.

When you do want to be very specific is when purchasing metalic tops or dresses. Garments made of liquid lame’, metallic weaves or sequins will have a much larger impact on your face. The wrong tone here could conflict with your skin tone and diminish your healthy appearance or emphasize shadows and lines in the skin.

The Essential Colors 5 Element Color Analysis system has 16 different palettes. Each palette has 2 to 4 metallic swatches to help a women understand her most flattering metallic tones for jewelry and clothing..Also, a personal or “custom” color palette would likely have more refined choices for metallic tones than a simple gold or silver.

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