Color Your Shoes and Bags Yourself

Many years ago I there was a shoe dye….or I should say paint that was sold at limited venues like cobbler shops. I forget the brand name but remember it being in a slim square black box. I used that product to paint a pair of shoes and a purse and it did a darn good job. It looked good and lasted quite a while.  When I became a color consultant I thought of the many uses for this product and I’m going to share some of these ideas with you today because there is a product on the market today that does as good a job or better and it has a much wider range of color choices.

The product is Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint and it can be found at If you request one, they will send you the color chart pictured here. The paint is sold in 1 oz. brush cap bottles, 4 oz. bottles, pints, quarts, gallons and 5 gallon containers. The price is very affordable.

Now let me tell you what you can do with it. You can change the color of shoes, belts, bags, leather jackets, boots, leather furniture. Pretty much anything made of leather. It’s a water based product so there’s easy clean up. You do need to prepare the surface with a cleaner they also sell. But let me tell you, this stuff will not peel, crack, or rub off if you apply according to directions. If you use it on a pair of boots as I did, the boots will look like they were born that color and you can polish them just like you normally would any leather shoe or boot but I’d recommend using neutral polish if you need to polish a color you don’t find in most shoe polish.

Think of the possibilites. How many time have you seen a pair of shoes you loved but you didn’t like the color?  How many times have you had a bag you loved but the finish on it was tired and worn out? Are you the creative type?  How about painting a big rose on the back of your leather jacket? Or paint the collar and patch pockets a contrasting color.  How about painting a checkered pattern on the seats of your kitchen bar stools?

If you have had your personal coloring professionally analzyed you know that having your shoes in the right colors will make them work beautifully with your wardrobe. Those who don’t wear like wearing black shoes can take control. And those who recognize the enhancing affect of wearing near skin-tone shoes and sandals can purchase skin tone-like colors and mix one that looks like your skin….but just a bit darker (that’s the best way to do it) and have your legs suddenly look longer. Some good skin tone colors in the paint are #072, #156, and #027. To come up with a good skin tone will definately require some mixing.

The key thing to remember with shoes is that if the innersole part of the shoe shows as it might with a sandal, it should not look out of sync with the color you change the upper to.

Have fun. Create your own “spectator” looks. Or add polka dots. And best of all, take advantage by buying shoes or bags that have been marked down for clearance because the color was so bizarre nobody wanted to buy them at full price.

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