Choose a Concealer Color to Neutralize Those Under-eye Shadows or Blemishes

Many women have what appear to be shadows under their eyes. In many cases they appear to be shadows because in fact they are. If the skin under the eyes is sunken in compared to the area above or below it, as it might be if one has puffyness beneath the eyes, there is a depressed area that is literally in a shadow. The best approach in this case is to lighten the “shadow” so that it looks similar to the lighter puffier area above or below it.

In some cases the are appears darker because the skin in this area is very thin and the reddish blue color of blood vessels under the skin shows through it. And in other cases are caused by pigmentation irregularities and heredity.
You might not always get the best result by lightening this area. You may in fact want to use the rules of color neutralization to minimize the darkness.  Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel can have two completely different effects depending on how they are used together. Compliments…..those colors that are opposite on the color wheel….will neutralize each other if combines and intensify each other if placed in justaposition.
If your circles look purple, try a concealer with a yellow (amber) cast. If your circles look blue try a concealer with an orange cast (as in peach).
If you have blemishes that look pink or red, use a concealer that is slightly yellow or olive (yellow/green) to neutralize the pinkness. Green “color correctors” are sometimes recommended for masking or neutralizing redness, but the end result is often a little too white or even gray. The red is reduced but no one is really looking to make their skin look paste-y.

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