Foundation Makeup – Part Two

If you are looking for more coverage than what you’ll get from a moisture tint – which is very little – you have lots of options to choose from. Liquids are probably the most commonly used but are losing some ground to powdered mineral foundations as the leading formula. Liquids glide over the skin easily and are best applied with a makeup sponge. Use the sponge to “stipple” extra product on areas that need more coverage. A drawback to liquids is that they are not very portable. A bottle of liquid makeup can spill or leak. If it’s left in a hot location (like your car in summer or a sunny bathroom windowsill) it will become runny and could spoil quicker.

Cream foundations that come in a solid stick or a compact are thicker; less likely to spill or suffer a melt down (though it could happen in a high heat situation….just like a lipstick); and relatively portable. Creams are also more opaque. They work well as a concealer too so can do double duty. I still suggest applying with a makeup sponge. I personally like to use a damp sponge. It seems to spread easier and I love the coverage you get with a cream foundation. My Color Perfect makeup line offers cream foundation in stick form. Note: a cream type foundation may not be the best choice for those with oily skin.

Wet/Dry foundations are pressed powders that can be applied with a sponge or an old fashioned velour type powder puff (the best if applying it dry) for a semi-sheer coverage that is especially good on those with oily skin since it blots the shine. It can be applied with a dampened makeup sponge for greater coverage. When you first apply it ‘wet’ it can look a bit streaky at first but streaks usually disappears in about 30 seconds. If they don’t you can lightly wipe the surface with your hand or a dry puff. The advantages of the wet/dry powder foundation is that it is very portable and not suseptible to heat issues; it allows you different degrees of coverage; and it affords a matte (non shiny) finish for those who prefer it or have overly oily skin already. The wet application done well can make any skin look flawless. The Color Perfect wet/dry foundation is called Dual Activ.

Pressed powder is one of the oldest forms of foundation makeup. Similar to wet/dry pressed powders except they are not formulated to be used with a damp applicator, pressed powders are now available in Mineral formulas. Mineral powders will be discussed in greater depth in the next post…Foundation Makeup Part 3

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