Buying the Right Foundation Makeup

It is my intention to create a separate blog about makeup sometime in the not too distant future. My own line of makeup – ColorPerfect – is sold online at I have had over 25 years experience helping women find makeup that is right for them. Being a very pragmatic (read ‘frugal’) shopper myself, it pains me to seetthe amount of money that is spent on makeup that disappoints the buyer.

Makeup will disappoint when the color sits on top of the face instead of blending with it. Or when it turns out to look different on the skin than it did in the store lighting.  Women often find they they don’t like what they’ve bought but are reluctant to throw it away because of the cost. I’ve seen women with huge stashes of makeup they’ve had for years……too costly to throw away…..too ‘wrong’ to wear. Here’s a tip on shelf life. Liquid makeup has a relatively short shelf life. If you smell an off-odor the oil in it (unless it’s oil free) has gone rancid. Toss it. Cream products can separate or go rancid. Powders on the other hand have a much longer shelf life. They can be fine for many years. Loose powders have the very longest shelf life since a pressed powder will have a tiny bit of oil in it to hold it together.

Foundation makeup is any cosmetic product that you use over the majority of your facial skin to minimize minor imperfections and even out the tone. It can also add some sun protection. Foundation is what makes our skin look flawless, healthy, and even.

Foundations can be liquid in a bottle or tube; solid in a stick or compact;  powder- either pressed or loose; have sheer coverage or be almost opaque; and have a matte or pearly/dewy finish. Lots of choices. Lots of decisions. Which one is right for you???

It depends on a few different things. How do you want your skin to look? Are you reluctant to completely cover your freckles? Do you want to look flawless and matte? Dewy and glowing? Does wearing a foundation make your feel like your skin is somehow “dirty”.

How much effort are you willing to put into foundation application?  Do you need something that you can throw on in a nano-second or are you willing to take a couple of minutes with your foundation each day. How much do you need to cover?  Is your skin fairly flawless to begin with or do you have freckles, sun spots, capillaries, blemishes, or color variations that you want to hide? Do you want to wear a foundation that provides sunscreen protection as well?  Many foundations offer that bonus today. And lastly, what kind of skin do you have. Is it oily or dry and flaky? Or like the majority of us…..a mix.

Foundation that doesn’t match our skin well will leave a tell tale color change where it ends under the jaw or at the side of the neck and distort your natural color harmony. It can be challenging to find the right color. Color names are not much help. Store lighting is inadequate for the job. And any product that is packaged so that you can’t even get at it until you’ve already bought it is a risky and uncertain venture.

If you want a quick application and sheer coverage I recommend a ‘tint’. The ColorPerfect product of this type is Mineral Sheer Tint.  Tints are essentially a moisturizing lotion that contains color and in most cases a sunscreen. You get 3 in one. Moisturizer, a bit of color, and sun protection. This product will not effectively mask blemishes or uneven skin coloring. What it does is layer over a sheer bit of color much as panty hose would do on a leg. You put some in your hands and apply it all over like a moisturizer at the start of your day. Quick and easy.

My next post will continue this discussion and cover the pros and cons of other foundation formulas and the best way to get a good color match.

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