PERFECT FIT – The Key to Looking Your Best

How many of us can purchase a garment off the rack or the internet and expect it to be a perfect fit? I venture to guess almost no one. What is perfect fit? How does one get perfect fit? And why is worth the extra effort to persue it?

Perfect fit in clothing is when the sleeves for example are at the exact right length for your arm. That “exact right length” might mean the length that minimizes your disproportionately long arms or disguises that fact that you have disproportionatley short arms. It could be the length that diverts attention away from a heavy or low bust. Or it could be the length that falls at just the right spot on your wrist so it doesn’t get in your food when you’re eating or seem like it shrunk in the wash. Perfect fit is the perfect fit FOR YOU!  We can’t stop at sleeves. Perfect fit in a neckline will flatter your face shape or dip to just the right place without showing too much of your underpinnings……or you. It could be the fit that lays close to your body without gapping.

You get the idea. Perfect fit in ready to wear is nearly impossible to find, especially in this day and age when clothing makers employ all kinds of short cuts in construction. Notice how rare it is to find bust darts in clothes. It’s easier and more cost effective to just have enough fabric in the bust area to fit tiny busts loosely and large busts tightly. Most manufactureres use a B cup as a standard. All others will have a less than perfect fit in the bust.

There is nothing more valuable or attractive in an outfit than perfect fit. Nearly every body shape and configuration will look infinitely better when the clothing that adorns it is a good fit with bust darts in the right place. Shoulder seams in the center of the shoulder. Back length (collar to waist) the perfect length. Arm cye (where sleeve meets side seams) at just the right height. And buttons that close without gapping or pulling. Ahhh, it makes me swoon just thinking about it. But the cold truth is, that finding clothes that will fit you perfectly is much like finding a needle in a hay stack. In fact, it’s probably even less likely because the only way we can have perfect fit is to have our clothes made for us. Sometimes, a reasonable substitute (almost perfect fit) can be achieved by altering ready-to-wear clothes.

So what has this got to do with COLOR you’re thinking…..maybe?  Wearing your perfect colors, in clothing and makeup, is an equally flattering and desirable goal BUT it is easier…..and cheaper……to do. You find a skilled color consultant and book a personal color analysis. You are given a set of color swatches of your most ‘perfect’ colors and you take them with you whenever you shop for clothing or makeup. You resist the temptation to wear colors that are not in your palette and you reap the rewards of  wearing colors that do for you what perfect fitting clothing does for you. Shows you at your very best.

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