Choosing Colored Eye Shadows

Ideally, eye shadows should do one or more of the following:

     Reduce the prominence of overly protruding lids
     Bring forward areas that sit too deep
     Emphasize the crease between the upper and lower lid except in cases where the crease is overly deep
     Call attention to the eye color by repeating but not overpowering the natural eye colors
     Call attention to the eyes by introducing a subtle compliment (contrast) to the natural eye color.

Not much of an eyeshadow gal?  If you have only one eyeshadow, I would recommend it be a shade a few shades darker than the skin on your eyelids and in a brown tone that is perfectly compatible with your skin tone. this color can be placed in an area that would benefit from seeming to sit back just a bit. For some, this may be the crease area. For others it may be a little puffy area in the inner corners just next to the nose bridge. And for others, those whose eyes sit very forward in the socket, it might be the lid area from the lashes up to the crease.

This brown shade would be your all-purpose “meat and potatoes” shadow. It would look good with anything and everything you wear. The challenge is finding the shade of brown that is perfect on you. How light or dark it is will depend on how light or dark your skin is. What shade of brown will depend on your natural skin tone. In my Color Perfect makeup line, I have about 15 different shades of brown. Some are plum-my browns. Some are taupe-y browns. Some are mochas, cocoas, or sandy browns. None of them are highly frosted or sparkly because sparkles have no place in an everyday all-purpose shadow. And high shimmer or sparkles emphasize any crepeyness or wrinkles in the eye lids.
Women with smooth skin around their eyes can certainly wear sparkly shadows if they want to but they are best reserved for evening. Sparkly eyelids during the day are the flip side of wearing tennis shoes to a formal wedding.
OK. There are degrees of sparkly-ness (I just made that word up). Some shadows have a subtle shimmer or a pearly quality and they can be worn by smooth lidded women pretty much anytime.
It’s surprising how many shadows have sparkles imbedded in them. Especially in those palettes containing 40 shades of shadow–only 4 or 5 of which you would look good in or ever actually wear.
After you find your perfect brown, you can expand your repertoire of shadows to include a light also neutral shade to bring recessed areas forward. This would be used just under the eyebrow, or possibly on the eyelid itself if your lower lid or upper lid is recessed and appears too dark or deep. Then perhaps a dark skintone-compatible shade to use as an eyeliner if you’re so inclined. Only at this point do you need to venture out into the wild and zany world of eyeshadow ‘colors’. But choose carefully. It is your eyes we want to see. No eye makeup color should make a visual statement that will upstage your eyes. They are the main point of communication and the jewels of your face. Make them up as you would mat and frame a piece of art. Just as you should choose a mat color and frame style to perfectly compliment the art it surrounds, you should choose eye shadows that quietly enhance the eyes and draw people into your focus.

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