Dressing a Group – Can One Color Fit All?

When choosing a color that will be worn by a group of people, how do you pick a color that will look good on all skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors? There are three colors that while they may not be optimally flattering on all people, they are never unflattering on anyone.  These colors are great choices when for example you are:
  • Choosing a color for a dance group
  • Choosing bridesmaids dresses
  • Choosing a color for work *uniforms or smocks
  • Choosing a T shirt color for sports, team,  road race participants, or a company
The three colors are:
  • Coral Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Periwinkle

Each of these colors are a blend of two colors. None of them are pure primary colors. That’s important. But even more important is the color’s intensity. Some people are not be flattered by very clear or bright colors and others will not look good in colors that are very muted, colors that have a very dull or dusty quality. So the way to avoid this is to choose a coral pink, turquoise, or periwinkle (blue/puple) that is somewhere in the middle of these to intensity extrememes. Not too bright and not too dull. I’d describe this level of intensity or clarity as ‘slightly’ muted. JUST SLIGHTLY. It’s how your bright colored T shirt might look after you accidentally threw it in the washer with all dark clothing. It would likely come out with that brightness or clarity knocked down a notch.

A slightly muted coral pink (pink with a bit of orange in it); Turquoise (not really blue, not really green); or Periwinkle (purpley blue) will sit comfortably on humans of all different coloring.

If you prefer a neutral. Consider a white that looks like vanilla ice cream. Not snow white. Not chalk white. But also not one that looks yellowy or beigy.

*Note:  I am not suggesting any of these colors be used for uniforms worn by men, the military, or those who must communicate authority through their attire. That’s another story and a whole different blog. Stay tuned.

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