Are You Ready for Your Second Act?

We all have the many advantages of youth working for us for the first half of our lives. Healthy, shiny, predictable hair. Smooth even-toned skin. Good vision. Firm bodies, etc., etc. But for all of us, the second half of our lives, whether it starts at 35, 40, or 45 will definately present a whole new set of rules regarding the care and maintenance of our looks. Strategies need to change to adapt to things like thinning and/or graying hair; disappearing eyebrows; less ability to see to put our makeup on right; faces and bodies that seem to morph into unfamiliar silhouettes; feet that scream in pain from shoes that once looked and felt just fine; the list goes on….but you get the idea. Things need to change in the second half and some of us delay making those changes too long or struggle with knowing what those changes should be. 
I call this your second act. It’s the point at which you say to yourself  “This is the new me. This is the mature and equally wonderful me. I’m ready to evolve into who I’ve become and dress the body I have NOW and tweak my makeup to flatter the way my hair and face has changed.”  When you are ready for your second act…’ll need to know what clothing proportions and silhouettes should now be banned from your closet. You’ll need to purge your makeup kit of colors that are too dark, too bright, too frosty, too bland and products that don’t give enough coverage for the new you. You’ll likely need to consider different options for your hair cut and color.
When you are ready for this journey a skilled consultant who specializes in dress, color, makeup and style can help you strategize the right steps for you. Professional consultants are more knowledgable about what will flatter your figure than 99% of most sales help in clothing stores.They are better informed about what makeup will work for you than the average lab coat wearing sales clerk in a department store because a consultant has studied line, design, optical illusion, color, and personal style expression. NOT how to sell clothes and makeup.  And if you’ve been buying your clothes on line or in catalogs and your makeup from stores with blister-packaged makeup hanging on pegs, you’ve been at an extreme disadvantage and have likely spent a lot of money on things that have been disappointing or unflattering.
Are you ready for YOUR second act (or third, or fourth)?  Call me and shedule your ‘Second Act’ consult. We’ll put you on a beautiful path to a new look that puts the woman you’ve become in a positive, flattering and authentic light.
Donna Cognac, Professional Color and Image Consultant over 25 years


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