At What Cost……Beauty?

I opened my e mail today to discover an offer for a 1/2 price service at a local hair salon. It was for a ‘Brazilian Blowout’. This is a service that will aggresively tame a head full of curly or frizzy hair into a smooth, satiny looking mane. And the “results can last up to 12 weeks” at which time it will return to it’s normal state and require a full priced repeat of the service to tame it back to smooth again. 

The 1/2 price voucher would cost me only $175 because the regular price for this temporary beauty service is $350….plus tip of course.

I write about this because I often encounter women who have never and will never discover their most enhancing color harmony because they think it costs too much.

Discovering your ideal color harmony gives you a compass that (when adhered to) keeps you directly in the most flattering light you can stand in. It guides you in the choice of clothing, accessories, makeup and hair colors that will show off your skin, hair and eyes to their very best advantage.  It saves you from making shopping mistakes that end up being disappointing wastes of your money and shopping time. It goes on increasing your beauty for years…..not a few weeks. And yet, it typically costs no more than a Brazilian Blowout…..or a salon visit to get hilights in your hair.

Let a color professional show you what color can do to make your personal image the best it can be.


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