Pantone announces 2011 Color of the Year

In my back yard in a location I can see from sitting at my desk, there is a large honeysuckle bush. It blooms for months and doesn’t give up producing blossoms until there is a hard freeze. It attracts hummingbirds all summer and I never tire of watching them flit from flower to flower with seeminly invisible wings. While honeysuckles grow in several different colors, the flower on the shrub in my yard is exactly the same shade as the one that Pantone has chosen to make the 2011 ‘Color of the Year’.

The Pantone company makes a business of color. Assigning codes to colors like the library does to books. Selecting colors to serve as trends for everything from clothes to paint to applicances. Nearly all manufacturing industries look to Pantone to see what colors are hot…..or going to be hot….so they can plan the colors of their products far in advance. Most people would be surprised to know how very far in advance the trend colors for a given season are chosen.
This is to allow adequate time for the paint companies and  textile companies to put the manufacturer of these colors into motion.

The Pantone color of the year is not surprisingly called ‘Honeysuckle’ and we should expect to see it in spring and summer fashions. The consumer friendly aspect of this color is that it is one of those pinks that almost no one looks ‘bad’ in. It is neutral in color temperature. Not too warm for cool skin tones. Not too cool for warm skin tones. That neutrality also gives this color a lot of leeway to mix with warm or cool neutrals. If you have been elementally color typed in the Essential Colors personal color system, you will be especially flattered by this color if your palette is #1, #2, #4, #5, or #8 so be on high alert for ‘honeysuckle’ in the marketplace. You will absolutely glow in it. And since it’s almost universally compatible (if not enhancing) with most skin tones, it will make a nice addition to your wardrobe if you are the type that enjoys being on the cutting edge fashion and colors.

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