Current Color Trend…..Purple in your home…..and on your body!

Planning to reinvigorate your living space with a bold new hue in 2011? Benjamin Moore sees a shade of purple in your future. In fact, the company’s color trend forecasters have crowned purple the top hue of the coming year. Whether your taste runs to rich wine (Vintage Wine 2116-20) or luscious fuchsia (Royal Flush 2076-20), you’re sure to find an inspiring tone in Benjamin Moore’s 2011 palette.
Don’t be afraid of purple. Purples range from orchids, lavenders, aubergines, and grapes to heliotrope, magenta, amethyst, mulberry, violet and magenta. Values from pale tints to the dark purples of the sky at dusk. There’s even talk of kitchen appliances in shades of eggplant in our future. If you like following trends or have always wanted to justify using purple in your home….now is the time. But beware of using any strong or bright shades if you plan to put your home on the market. Those pictured here are good examples of purples that work well in home decor. Choose a subtle muted or “neutralized” intensity in a light to medium shade for walls. Darker shades can be used as accent colors in things like pillows, drapes, and table linens.
When it comes to clothing, you’ll find plenty of purple in the stores right now. Particularly in the plum family. Don’t just buy a purple garment because it’s trendy. Take your personal color palette with you and use it to select shades that will flatter your skin. There are shades of purple in EVERY palette and the ones in your palette will look great on you whether they are trendy or not.

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