Introduction to My Book

When my life allows me the time and despite my lack of writing talent, I’m determined to write a book. I’ve already written various chapters and they sit as document files on my computer waiting to be pasted into some semblance of order some day. Today I decided to take another step and write an introduction. This seems a more concrete step that might possibly be the impetus I need to get serious about getting this done sooner rather than later. Posting it on this blog is my way of pushing myself. Here it is.

While we waited outside the little chapel as our wedding guests were seated, my fiancé and I could hear our friend from a local rock band playing ‘Color My World’ on his portable electric piano set to the organ setting. It was “our song” and the obvious choice for our wedding day. Then came the signal to enter the chapel as the second song was played. ‘A Lighter Shade of Pale’. Perfect for the occasion since the instrumentals sounded just like church music.

It was 1972 and I had no idea at that time that color would someday become my passion and career. But even back then I did think that the impact of color on objects and people was fascinating. I paid attention to color even as a teenager. I noticed that the color of light produced by different light sources or lamp shades could enhance or reduce the beauty of the people and things that were lit by that light. I recognized that different shades of the same color had a different ‘energy’.  I knew that my heather green sweatshirt made my skin look flawless and my eye color pop and I knew that a  bright shade of white did nothing for me while just the right shade of vanilla was kinder to my skin and made me feel pretty.

A full page article in the Living Pages of the Boston Globe Sunday edition back in the mid eighties grabbed my attention. It was a story about a woman in a Boston suburb who offered a service called color analysis. She would select a range of colors that would be optimally flattering for her clients based on their skin, hair, and eye coloring. She would even pinch their fingertips to see what their blood color looked like as seen through their skin. The colors she selected would then become their guide for wardrobe and makeup selection and would allow them to be seen in the most flattering light. The ‘light’ that is cast by colors that are ideally suited to their unique body coloring.

YES! I thought. This was proof that color influenced the appearance of whatever was directly around it. There is a science….a logic behind it. That excited me. I knew right away that my old green sweatshirt must have been one of my very best colors because it was perfect for my skin and eyes. I couldn’t wait to find out what were my best shades of reds, purples, blues, browns, grays and even whites.

When I called to inquire about the cost of a color analysis my bubble was quickly burst. Having a meager income and frugal upbringing, it was more than I could see myself spending on something superfluous. I passed on making a color analysis appointment that day but thought about it constantly until several months later when I decided that I could wait no more to find my ideal colors. I bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment that would mark the beginning of a new direction in my life’s journey.

My color analysis did not disappoint (even though it should have…more about that later) and from that day on  my life became a quest to find and wear my very best colors. What’s more, I wanted everyone I knew….indeed everyone in the world to know and wear their best colors. I’d have to quit my job. I’d have to find the best teachers. I’d have to study this analysis process so I could become a professional color consultant. I wanted to open people’s eyes to the ability of color to improve and enhance their lives. I had no idea what a challenging mission that was going to be.

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