And the Bride’s Mom Never Looked Lovelier

I’ve rarely seen Hilary Clinton in her ideal colors and wonder if she only just discovered them. Or did a color savy wardrobe consultant help her with these outfits for one of the most special days of her life. Even though I’m not particularly fond of the style of either one of these outfits, the colors are right on the money and are proof positive that wearing colors that are syncronized with your personal coloring produces the most beautiful version of YOU.
Hilary Clinton showed up at her daughter’s wedding wearing colors that make her glow. I believe she is a Metal type. She undoubtedly has a secondary type. Possibly Wood based on her energy, but I’m just speculating since I have not consulted with her in person and that’s how typing must be done to be accurate. In person. Anything else is just speculation.
All you mothers-of-the-brides or grooms out there, if you have not had your coloring analyzed to determine the colors that make you look the most beautiful, do it today. Then go out to find your wedding outfits in colors from your personal palette. You’ll feel confident and look radiant just as Hilary did at Chelsea’s wedding.


And the Bride’s Mom Never Looked Lovelier — 1 Comment

  1. I’m late to the party here but agree with you on HRC looking wonderful in these colors.

    [I think I’m one of the few that thought she also looked amazing in the maxi/caftan silhouette, ha.]

    She so often *wears* color vs neutrals for work, but it seems equally often those colors do little for her. Here’s hoping that going forward she can meld her significant professional power with her personal-best colors….

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