Lipstick Colors – Choosing The Right Ones

You should wear your lipstick. Not the other way around. In spite of what cosmetic companies would like us to believe, we should choose our lipstick colors based on our personal coloring and desired affect and not what colors are fashionably “in” at any given time. As I think back to the lipstick color fads I’ve seen in my lifetime, I remember pearlized white; vampire-ish blackened reds; dark obvious lip liner; and glosses so wet looking they made lips look like patent-leather. With the advent of cool-aid colored hair, can green and blue lipsticks be far behind?
As a color consultant, I used to ask my clients to bring along their lipsticks for evaluation until one day a women brought me a small suitcase of makeup with at least 50 lipsticks in it. Since I cannot take the amount of time it would take to assess large collections of lipstick colors, I now ask clients to only bring the lipstick colors they are “currently wearing”.
Why do some of us have so many lipsticks? My answer is that most of us keep buying lipstick colors in an attempt to find ones that looks perfect on us. And often when we do…that color is discontinued by the manufacturer and we can no longer find it. How many lipsticks have you had that you used up to the very bottom of the tube?  When you like it so much that you use the whole tube, it is probably perfect or near perfect for you.
Many women buy lipsticks that fail to work because they purchased them from stores that sell sealed products that can’t be tried on. Just looking at the color on that little circle color swatch is just not good enough. You do need to try a color on.  Other women have large collections of lipsticks they recieved as a free giveway with  $50 purchase of some department store brand. What are the chances that these lipsticks are going to look great on everyone? Frugal women are reluctant to throw away lipsticks after spending good money for them. Even though they don’t like them well enough to wear them, they keep them for years. Is this ringing true for any of you?
A lipstick wardrobe of 4 or 5 lipcolors should be plenty for any woman. Women should buy lipsticks that harmonize with their skin tone because colors that don’t will look ‘foreign’ on their faces. They will sit on top of the face instead of blending seamlessly and pleasingly with it. People may see the lipstick first.
A professional color analysis will provide a good guideline for choosing lip colors. A custom body color chart by an Essential Colors consultant will give you one complete strip of color swatches ideally suited to your skin tone to use when shopping for lipsticks. Lip colors will need to ‘blend’ with the colors on that strip. Not necessarily match it exactly.
Here are some basic tips on choosing, buying and wearing lip colors.

  • Dark lipsticks make most lips look thinner or smaller.
  • Bright lipsticks call attention to the lips and teeth and often away from the eyes.
  • Light lipsticks make most lips look bigger and fuller.
  • Frosted lipsticks exaggerate the appearance of overly dry or lined lips and make lips look bigger.
  • Glossy lipsticks won’t last very long on your mouth.
  • Glossy lipsticks will creep into lip lines if you have them.
  • Creme lipsticks have a solid opaque look that masks your lips.
  • Lipshines or tints allow the lips to show through.
  • Pearlized lip colors add a glow to the color.
  • Smell a lipstick to see if it has an off-odor. Oils in lipstick become rancid with age.
  • If a lipstick tastes bitter on your lips it’s spoiled.
  • Drink through a straw to preserve your lipstick.
  • Use a lip brush to shape your lips and to get every last drop of the color out of the tube.
  • A color that looks just like your lips but just a bit stronger is a must-have everyday color.
  • A too bright lipstick can be mixed with a muted lipstick to tone it done and change its impact

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