Bring in the Reinforcements – With Color

If I had a nickel for every woman that has told me her eyes change colors I’d be rich. Your eye color doesn’t change. At least not from one day to the next as these women think. I want to make it clear that eye color does actually change over the course of a life time but not from day to day. What changes is how your eye color appears and those changes are influenced by the colors that surround them.
Clothing and makeup colors can be used to reinforce or heighten something you love about your coloring. If you have blue eyes, you already know that wearing blue suddenly makes them appear even bluer. They aren’t of course. It’s just that blue near the face will call attention to and therefore appear to intensify the blue of your eyes. More people will notice and make positive comments on your eyes when that happens. And how does that affect you? Well, if you are like most people you feel flattered. And you are. Flattered by the color you are wearing. That is what color analysis is really all about. It’s about finding the colors that FLATTER you more than others and making a concious decision to build your wardrobe around those colors. Blue clothing intensifies blue eyes because it repeats and reinforces the blue. While any blue might be complimentary, there are specific blues….related to the shades in your eyes….that will stand out. I choose those blues for my client’s palette when she opts to have her body colors charted.
Colors that repeat are not the only colors that have this effect. Complimentary colors have a very similar effect. Complimentary colors are those on the exact opposite side of the color wheel. Orange is the compliment of blue. Orange clothing will call attention to blue eyes but orange is not flattering to all skin tones so caution is advised. Flattering the skin should always be number one priority.
If you read my previous post, you know that most red hair is more orange than it is red. Therefore blue eyes with red (orange) hair is a pretty spectacular combination. Oddly enough, not very many natural red heads have blue eyes. Blue eyed women who change their hair to red can create a dynamic look if it doesn’t conflict with their skin tone.
If your eyes contain various colors as many eyes do, you can “pull” colors out with what you wear. If you have blue/green eyes they will look bluer when you wear blue–greener when you wear green.

Use this rule to heighten the features you love most about your coloring ….and to know how to avoid intensifying things about your coloring you are not as pleased about. For example; people with serious rosacia have an excess of red or pink coloring in their face. Wearing pink, mauve, rose or red clothing near the face will have the affect of exaggerating the rosacia or ruddyness and calling attention to it. Certain shades of green (red’s compliment) can have the same effect.

Color can be chosen and worn to reinforce or neutralize your coloring and you have the power to choose.

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