So You Want to be a REDHEAD

Red….when it’s on your head….is more than just a color. It’s a statement. It’s unique in that it’s
the most uncommon hair color. Unlike gray, brown, black, and most blonde haircolors which are neutral – it has color. It’s like an instant accessory that you wear 24/7 and with every outfit. The number of adult woman with truly red hair is fairly rare. But the number of adult women with not-so-truly (as in colored) red hair far outweighs them. Women who choose to color their hair red are concisously or subconciously seeking to add a little sumpin-sumpin to their image.
Red has an energy that demands to be noticed. Coloring your hair red can add some fun and excitement to your life. It can attract more attention. It can be the perfect solution when you want to “kick your image up a notch”. The good news is that when and if you pass the phase that made you want to try being a red head, you can just color it back to your normal shade. The bad news is that if you color your hair a shade of red that conflicts with your skin tone, you’ll do more damage to your apperance than good.
Red hair is rarely actually red. It’s usually orange or red/orange. Orange hair on pink toned skin is like nails on a blackboard. It’s like two adjacent keys on the piano being played at the same time. It’s like a hot pink sofa being pushed up against a rust colored wall. It doesn’t go. One must take care to choose a red hair color that will not fight with the skin tone. The only red hair color that will work well with pink or cool skin tones will be one that leans toward a plum or burgundy red. Those shades do exist in hair color products. They are not really natural looking because red hair isn’t plum colored. It’s orange. But if you don’t care about looking “natural” it can be a fun fashion color to dabble with.  Be careful that you don’t have light or gray hair on your head as it will fade to pink because the undertone of these shades is violet.

If your skin is neutral or warm, you are the best candidate for a walk on the red side if you are so inclined. Expect to have to tweak your makeup colors.  Don’t expect all hair salon colorists to be expert in determining your skin tone. Visit a professional color consultant for advice on how red hair might work with your skin before taking the leap and you’ll be happy with your new look.

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