Virtual Color Analysis on the Internet – A Pale Substitute

I’ve seen a troubling increase in offers for a ‘Virtual’ Color Analysis on the internet. Great idea you might think. It’s less expensive. You won’t have to drive to the nearest consultant 50 miles away and the cost is probably lower. Why not?

My position on this trend is that if you want an accurate result with a palette that is ideally complimentary to your unique coloring, your chances of getting that with a virtual color analysis are pretty slim. Your color palette is not determined simply by looking at you. It’s determined by looking at how the appearance of your complexion changes when a range of various hues, color values, and intensities are held in close proximity to your face. It’s really that simple. This is something that can’t be done with any guarantee of accuracy if you are 50 miles away. It can’t be done from a photo. Treat yourself to the real thing. If you had a color analysis done over 5 years ago…you should see a consultant again to have your coloring reassessed. Your coloring may be a bit different now. The palette that was ideal for you at 30 may need tweaking at 40. This would definately be true if you were color analyzed using a simplistic approach that places you in only one of 4 color categories. Living in your best colors is a beautiful, comfortable, authentic place to be. When they are right, you will know it. If you haven’t found the palette that makes your heart sing and your face glow….keep looking. But not in cyberspace.

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