Clarify Your Skin With The Right Colors

Typical imperfections on bare adult skin
The single most flattering advantage of getting a good color analysis is that the right colors will make anyone’s skin look clearer. We all want clear looking skin. We all admire clear skin on others. Skin clarity sends a non-verbal message about a person that is universally understood. It conveys a message of youth, good health, good grooming and good genes. We all start out with clear skin. Then life happens. The sun, our lifestyles and diets, gravity, and any number of other outside influences leave their marks to varying degrees in the form of:

sun spots/age spots
broken capillaries
wrinkles (which make shadows)
facial hair

All these things make skin appear blotchy and less even. The face appears segmented into darker and lighter shades. Our reaction is often to layer more makeup on in an attempt to cover things up. Others try to acquire and maintain a tan to even things out. Still others will spend money on treatments and procedures that promise a clearer looking skin. But there is a better, safer, cheaper and instant way to get clearer looking skin and that is by wearing YOUR best colors.
Visit the before and after gallery on my website by clicking on this link: for examples of this effect. The right colors have a calming and clarifying effect on the skin. By blending harmoniously with the exact tone of the skin, they divert the eye away from little imperfections, shadows, lines, and even beard shadow on men. They’re still there….but they don’t come to the forefront. With dis-harmonious clothing and makeup colors the eye will be drawn to focus on imperfections.
Wearing the right colors will make your skin look better even when wearing no makeup at all. The flattering affect of the right colors on the skin are subtle but undeniable and every person deserves to know how to use this visual affect to their advantage. Clearer looking skin results in greater self confidence and self confidence is always attractive.

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