Someone Colored Me a ‘Winter’

Did someone tell you that you are a Winter 10, 15, 20 years ago? Did you read a book and assume you were a Winter? Did you adopt the seasonal Winter palette as your wardrobe color scheme and make black and white your core basics with accents of true red, cobalt blue, and chrome yellow?

In my experience, 3 out of 4 people who were once told they were Winter color types are not. At least not the classic version of Winter that most people are familiar with. More people have been mis-typed as the seasonal Winter color type than any of the other three seasons. And lots of people who were flattered by the Winter harmony in their youth, no longer have the clarity and intensity needed to look good in those colors when they reach the age of 40, 50 and beyond.

So why have people been mis-typed as Winters? There are a few reasons. Even some of the best known color trainers back in the 70’s and 80’s were under the mistaken impression that all people ‘of color’ and all people of Asian ethnicity were Winters. Color analysis was in its infancy as a popular fashion and beauty concept and people were training new color consultants who had little training and experience themselves. Another reason–seasonal color anlaysis in those days operated under the premise that all humans would fit into one of only 4 color categories. That’s like saying that everyone on earth will wear size small, medium, large or extra large. Consultants tried to put you into the one ‘size’ that fit you best. Only rarely would that option fit you perfectly.

If you had dark hair… were a Winter because the other 3 palettes were even less ideal on you. But truth is, not that many people wear the classic Winter palette well and it has an energy that is often at odds with the personality. The sharp contrast of black and white feels too conspicuous. The bold magentas, cobalts, and chrome yellows are too ‘loud’ for people who prefer dress elegantly. Very little attention was paid to the ‘energy’ of the colors back then. The optimal palette, must both flatter the wearer AND feel authentic on them.

If you were color typed as a Winter, you owe it to yourself to visit a color consultant that offers color harmonies that are derivitives of the classic Winter type. You may well discover a new color harmony that fits you more like a tailor made jacket than a size Medium. The benefits will justify the investment in your color update. Rarely will a professional analysis cost more than one or two visits to the hair salon….and yet the resulting improvement to your appearance lasts you for many years…not just a few weeks.

Also, rarely will you find a skilled color consultant who does professional level color analysis for less than $100 so a bargain or FREE color analysis is likely to be simplisitic, incomplete or inaccurate. It may not even include the cost of shopping swatches in your ideal colors. Be sure to ask a consultant how long she has been a color consultant. Is it her specialty? How many color types are in her system? Does she offer a custom palette option? What type of swatches does she give her client and are they included in the analysis fee? Are the paper or fabric? And will she stand behind her service and allow you to return to her for a re-assessment if you are not convinced she has given you the right colors after you have tried them out a few months? Even a very experienced color consultant can make the occasional mistake.
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