Long Distance Training to Become a Professional Color Consultant?

I sometimes receive inquiries from people who want to know if I can train them to become professional color analysts long distance. My short answer is no. Here is my long answer. Color analysis is a very visual -hands-on process. It also requires a degree of intuitive skills. I compare it to someone asking if they can take a distance learning course to become a professional hairdresser.

It’s possible, I suppose, to watch a video or read a lesson on how to cut hair. But would YOU want your hair done by someone who took a correspondence course?

It’s certainly easier to try to learn a new skill without ever leaving home but in my personal opinion as a color consultant for 25 years (and with all due respect to colleagues who may be offering distance courses) this is not a skill that can or should be taught long distance. When I do a training, I always ask my students at the end of the course “Do you think you could have learned this without having actually been here in person” and the response is always a unanimous “NO WAY”. My advice to all who are considering an image career in which color analysis plays a role, is to find a reputable trainer who specializes in this area and to travel to the training location. One way to be sure the training program meets high standards is to inquire as to whether the course is CEU approved. Even if you have no need for CEUs, Certified Education Unit approval requires a trainer to meet rigid training requirements. Learning outcomes must be specified and met and course evaluations are reviewed by a third party.

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