The Color Advantage for Men

Men have very few ways to improve their appearance aside from getting a good hair cut, perhaps some cosmetic dentistry, and for the few who take advantage of it and would benefit from it— plastic surgery. Yet every man could use color to put his face in the best possible light. Color Analysis isn’t just for women. I can tell you that men love to discover their most flattering colors and are often more faithful to following their palette colors than women are. I’ve met many men who wouldn’t part with their color swatches. While some women will slip back into the old routine of buying “whatever’s on sale” or “whatever fits” even after they find their best colors. Then there is the fashion victim who will wear whatever’s the latest fashion color. In his 1928 book ‘Color Harmony in Dress’ Sir George Ashdown Audsley stated that “No sooner has a new color hit the fashion market place than it is adopted by women with complete disregard for whether it suits them or not”. Nothing has really changed since 1928. Some women will prefer to be ‘in style’ over looking their best. They will allow colors to wear them.

Men on the other hand are not usually slaves to fashion dictates. Those who have discovered that some colors make them look smooth skinned and healthy while others hilight their beard shadow and emphasize lines, shadows and blemishes become very faithful to their color palettes. The bad part of this for me as a color consultant is that men don’t really talk up their color analysis experience with the guys down at the bar. They keep this little life changing image enhancing secret to themselves lest they be thought of as less-manly. So word of mouth business referrals don’t happen much for color consultants that consult with men. It’s unfortunate because everyone would stand to gain.

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